EMCA membership offers many opportunities for involvement and engagement in the control and regulation of mosquitoes and other related issues within Europe and beyond. EMCA activities include workshops, working groups, publications and access to an extensive network of specialists and professionals in the field.

Any agency, organisation, institution, association or individual involved in mosquito control and related subjects and interested in the goals of the association may become a member of the EMCA.

Freely selectable categories of membership

  • Student members: annual dues  € 30,-

Student members is selectable for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an accredited university. Students have to present the status documents at the time of application and at each renewal date.Student members shall pay annual dues proposed by the Board and approved by the AGM. They are entitled to serve on committees, propose motions, vote in EMCA elections and participate at officially called business meetings.

  • Regular members: annual dues  € 50,-

Regular member shall pay annual dues as set forth by the Board. They shall participate regularly in the activities of the association and contribute to its life and to the realisation of its goals. Each regular member shall have one vote at the General Meetings.

  • Sustaining members: annual dues  € 200,-

Sustaining members are all people contributing financially to the objectives of the association by paying annual dues established by the Board. There are 3 categories of sustaining members:

  • Individual sustaining members. Any individual or association interested in furthering the efforts of the association may become a sustaining member.
  • Governmental sustaining members. Any local or national governmental agency interested in furthering the efforts of the association may become a sustaining member.
  • Commercial sustaining members. Any commercial organisation interested in furthering the efforts of the association may become a sustaining member.

All sustaining members are accepting that their procedures are closely related to next basic approaches of Integrated Mosquito Management Programs (IMMP) which are strongly defended by EMCA:

  • A broad range of mosquito control strategies should be promoted, including physical, biological, environmental, educational and chemical methods.
  • The selection and timing of a method or combination of methods should be based on entomological and ecological surveillance and monitoring data.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the interventions in achievement the expected outcomes, specially in terms of environmental protection, should be always a priority criterion to make mosquito control decisions. In this context, if there is an alternative with good cost-effectiveness balance, it is recommended that chemicals are used as methods of last resort.

Names of sustaining members are listed annually in the publications of the association. Sustaining members have the same rights and privileges as regular members.​


Not freely selectable category of membership

  • Honorary Members:
    Any person who has rendered exceptionally distinguished service in the various fields of mosquito control and related work may be appointed to honorary membership. Any individual who accepted this nomination proposed by the Board, becomes honorary member.
    Honorary members shall enjoy the same privileges as regular members and shall pay no dues.

New members are admitted by the General Meeting according to the proposal of the Board.

The amount of annual dues for each category of members is set yearly by proposal of the Board and approval by General Meeting.

Annual dues for 2017:

  • Student members: € 30,-

  • Regular members: € 50,-

  • Sustaining members: € 200,-

Exemption of dues is possible in case of financial problem. Please contact EMCA office (

EMCA office

c/o - KABS
Georg-Peter Süß-Str. 3
67346 Speyer
(+84)0123 456 789