Conference Montenegro 2017

Conference Montenegro 2017

Conference Montenegro 2017

109 participants from 25 countries attended the VIIIth EMCA conference in Bečići from 12th to 16th of March 2017, entitled “Mosquito control in a changing environment”.

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The "VIII International Conference of EMCA (European Mosquito Control Association)” in Bečići, Montenegro, took place between 12-16/03/2017 and was focused on mosquito borne diseases and their control. The central theme of this conference was “Mosquito control in a changing environment”, changing environment not only as far as entomology and epidemiology is concerned but also regarding ecology, technology and policy (budget reductions, movements of human populations).

The choice of Montenegro was not made by chance, since the Balkans are currently, epidemiologically speaking at the forefront of Europe. During this four days’ conference 12 separate sessions took place final programme


1. Mosquitoes in a changing environment
2. Mosquito borne diseases and their control in the Balkans
3. Mosquito vectors and mosquito-borne diseases: surveillance and control
4. Mosquito control application technologies
5. New mosquito control strategies and tools
6. Mosquito control in urban environment
7. Floodwater mosquitoes - control strategies in protected areas
8. Insecticides and protection of public health
9. Surveillance and monitoring: sampling techniques and tools
10. Blackflies and other insects' control
11. Personal protection against mosquitoes 
12. Citizen science as a contribution to mosquito surveillance


During the conference, the latest developments on issues concerning ecology and mosquito control and other disease vectors, have been presented by distinguished scientists and specialized professionals from a total of 25 countries. Among others, at the conference, three major speeches have been made by representatives of the three organizations with the greatest international impact in Public Health which are the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the Gate's Foundation (IVCC).


The representative of WHO, Florence Fouque presented the basic principles of WHO’s working document entitled "Global Vector Control Response 2017-2030", drawn up by WHO experts and which will be approved at the next General Assembly of the United Nations, May 2017. More specifically in this text it is stated that "... most vector borne diseases can be prevented by vector control, if it is implemented well…(in some cases) vector control has not been used to its full potential or did not have its maximum impact”.


The representative of the ECDC, Hervé Zeller, in his speech entitled "Mosquito borne diseases in Europe: From surveillance to control" presented the current state of the art for Europe regarding the risks and ways of response in the European context.



The representative of the IVCC (Innovative Vector Control Consortium), Mathias Mondy, made a speech entitled “IVCC portfolio of new insecticide products applicable to vector control”, with special emphasis on the support mechanisms provided by the IVCC to industrial and academic institutions for developing new products to optimize the integrated vector control.


The presentations of the 60 speakers, researchers and other professionals from all over the world constituted a trigger for very fruitful and useful discussions among specialists working to resolve the complex problem of mosquito control in a changing environment.


You can find seven photo albums concerning

  1. Conference hall
  2. Coffee breaks
  3. Excursion
  4. Landscape 
  5. Gala dinner
  6. Welcome cocktail
  7. Poster session



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