Journal of the EMCA

Journal of the EMCA

Journal of the EMCA

The Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association is the official publication of EMCA. It is intended to provide a forum for information on vector and pest arthropods of public and animal health importance. Beside mosquitoes these comprise also blackflies, Phlebotomine sand flies, Culicoides biting midges, other biting flies, and ticks.

Articles to be considered for publication may address these vectors and pest species for Europe and its associate territories, but also for any other region. They may deal with, but are not restricted to, aspects of control methods and tools, identification and taxonomy, distribution, ecology and field studies, reports on surveillance and monitoring, as well as applied research on biology and pathogen transmission.

JEMCA is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal published by Wageningen Academic Publishers from 2021 onwards

You can find all issues of The EMCA Mosquito Bulletin here:


JEMCA issues 1(1998) to 38 (2020)        JEMCA issues 39 (2021) onwards





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