Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Groups

Here you can find information upon active EMCA Working Groups (WG).

Only active EMCA members (who have paid current and/or last years’ membership fees) are eligible to contribute to the WGs.

In order to join a WG, please apply to with your data, the name of the WG that you would like to join and a short description of your relevance with the subject.

You will then soon get an invitation from Microsoft Teams* to join the chat among others!

With your participation in the WGs you will have the chance to contribute by exchanging opinions and files, tracking the files, joining online meetings and finalizing the official documents that will be approved by the Board for further dissemination.

*We suggest better to use the subscribed version of Microsoft Teams instead of the web application, as you will have more active tools and permanent access.



A Working Group upon the registration process of new products and in particularly of the procedure for the efficacy evaluation. Click here for more. 

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