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EMCA MEMBERSHIP Professionals and experts from Europe and beyond with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the technical and operational aspects of mosquito control. EMCA MEMBERSHIP
The Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association - JEMCA A forum for information on European mosquitoes and work related to the European species. Articles dealing with aspects of the biology, ecology, identification, taxonomy, distribution, disease relations and control of European mosquitoes. The Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association - JEMCA

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Sexual Health and Rights 13/12/2019


20 YEARS EMCA: Workshop at Speyer, Germany, from 23 to 24 March 2020
Sexual Health and Rights 18/11/2019

2nd Annual Conference of the AIM Cost Action, 12th -13th February 2019 at Lisbon, Portugal

The 2nd AIM-COST Annual Conference will be focused on Surveillance of Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes in Europe. In particular, sessions will be focused on surveillance and risk mapping, monitoring of insecticide resistance and gaps and solutions for harmonization and improvements of European policies and guidelines
Sexual Health and Rights 18/11/2019

Seminar on the management and control of Culicidae

On November 21st and 22nd the International Seminar "For a sustainable control of mosquitoes: between health prevention and social well-being" organized by Sinergitech Ambiente and with the participation of AIDPI, Italian Professional Pest Control Association and CAA Environment Agriculture Center will be held at the Ravenna Conference Center.
Sexual Health and Rights 27/10/2019

Deadline for application for the 1st European workshop on insecticide resistance extended to 28/10/2019

A workshop on testing procedures for monitoring and managing insecticide resistance in invasive mosquitoes will be held from November 18-22, 2019 at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), Montpellier, France, jointy organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and IRD through the WIN initiative.
Sexual Health and Rights 18/10/2019

WHO Vector Borne Disease Operational Readiness Workshop, 15-17 October 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

WHO regional office for Europe organized a three days workshop for Vector borne disease operational readiness: Lessons learned from West Nile Virus response in WHO European Region at Sofia, Bulgaria, 15-17/ October of 2019.

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