The European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) gathers professionals and experts from Europe and beyond with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the technical and operational aspects of mosquito control.
EMCA is a non-profit association registered in Strasbourg, France. It was founded in March 2000 in Waldsee, Germany and has members from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and USA.

The overall objective of EMCA is to promote the effective and efficient control of mosquitoes and related subjects, and to disseminate affiliated information to its members and others in Europe and neighbouring regions.

The specific objectives of EMCA are as follows:

  • Improvement of the life quality of the European population by reducing the mosquito nuisance level.
  • Promotion of European cooperation and participation in mosquito control projects in Europe, and also developing countries.
  • Promotion of the study, prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Development and implementation of new materials, techniques and tools for mosquito control.
  • Enhancing control measures based on Integrated Pest Management principles by favouring methods with a low toxicological profile and low environmental impact.
  • Preservation of wetland biodiversity by the selective use of mosquito control materials and methods, and the promotion of effective long-term management techniques for natural areas.
  • Specification, development and standardisation of the rules of good laboratory and field practice in the testing and application of insecticides, sampling methods, monitoring techniques, treatment procedures and other control measures.
  • Organisation of educational and training courses, visits and staff exchanges between the members of the association, in order to attain better professional skills in accordance with EMCA aims.
  • Promotion of public and governmental awareness campaigns relating to mosquito control and associated subjects.
  • Promotion of any mosquito-related activities with respect to research, evaluation and expertise.
  • General promotion and support of the information exchange between professionals, experts and those working in the field in accordance with EMCA objectives, including the publication of relevant documents, reports or papers, and the organisation of applicable events, exhibitions and meetings which promote the objectives of EMCA.

EMCA office

EMCA Headquarters
12 rue des Pucelles
67000 Strasbourg, France

EMCA office, c/o - Ecodevelopment SA
PO BOX 2420
57010 Filyro, Thessaloniki, Greece
(+30) 6970 975 001 office@emca-online.eu