EMCA Workshop 05-06/03/2018, Speyer, Germany

EMCA Workshop 05-06/03/2018, Speyer, Germany

EMCA Workshop 05-06/03/2018, Speyer, Germany

On behalf of our president Jan Lundström we wish to invite you to the EMCA WORKSHOP which will take place in Speyer, Germany, from 5th  to 6th  March 2018.

The leading title of this workshop in Speyer “INTEGRATED MOSQUITO MANAGEMENT TO PROTECT EUROPEAN CITIZENS” has been chosen by the EMCA Board since the threat by mosquito borne infectious diseases, demonstrated for example by the recent outbreak of Chikungunya in Rome becomes more and more reality.

The only way to prevent larger epidemics is prevention by mosquito management. To achieve this goal, the network among state authorities, manufacturers of mosquito control agents, entomologists on the front and in research as well as physicians needs strengthening.

Brief information: 

Conference Facilities Technik Museum, Speyer, Germany

For registration by e-mail please contact our secretariat in Thessaloniki: office@emca-online.eu not later than 15th February 2018.

Registration fees:
(Covering two light meals, three coffee breaks, rental of the conference room with technical facilities, and secretarial expenses)

EMCA members:                       € 80,-
Non-members:                           € 130,-
Student members:                     € 50,-
Non-student members:             € 80,-

The payment of the registration fees should be done in cash at the registration desk which will open at 8 o'clock on 5th March.

As in the past years we anticipate an attendance of 70 persons. But we will be able to accommodate up to 100 participants in the conference room.

50 rooms have been reserved in the nearby Hotel Technik Museum. The rates per room per night are € 80,- for classic single room and € 90,- for double room used by single person and € 110,- for double room used by two persons.  The participants are requested to make their own room reservation as soon as possible: “Hotel Am Technik Museum” 1, 67346 Speyer, Germany (Phone:+49 6232 67100; homepage: here ). Please refer to the reservation of EMCA workshop when you book a room, in order to obtain the special rate.)

The conference will start at 09:00, Monday morning, 5th March 2018. The meeting will end after lunch on 6th March 2018, allowing most of the participants to travel back home on this day. 

Abstract submission:
Oral contributions should not exceed 15 min. covering any field of mosquito control.

You can find the final program here.

Please submit the abstract of your contribution until 23d of February 2018 to office@emca-online.eu. You can find guidelines for the abstract submission here.


The president and the Board of EMCA are looking forward to welcome you in Speyer.


EMCA office

c/o - KABS
Georg-Peter Süß-Str. 3
67346 Speyer
(+84)0123 456 789