EMCA Symposium

EMCA Symposium

EMCA Symposium

The EMCA's Symposium (European Mosquito Control Association) was held on 13-15 March in Speyer, Germany on "Status of Mosquito Control in Europe with special emphasis on wetlands and exotic mosquitoes"

The Symposium included 4 thematic sections in which 17 scientific presentations were presented:

  1. Flood water mosquitoes
  2. Aedes albopictus
  3. Mosquito Surveillance and Control
  4. Zika Virus: a new threat to Europe?

80 active members of EMCA were involved and there were also 3 significant speeches by three prominent scientists:

  1. Gordon Patterson (USA): World wide threat by mosquitoes, past and present
  2. Romeo Bellini (Italy): Current status of genetic control method applications against mosquitoes
  3. J.O. Lundstrom (Sweden): New tools for mosquito control

Also, in the frame of the Symposium, the General Meeting of EMCA were held, in which the action plan for 2016 -2017 were approved and includes the following actions:

  1. Enlargement of EMCA membership
  2. Create the mosquito control map of Europe
  3. Field training for any acting or potential operator in the field
  4. Upgrade scientifically the Journal of EMCA
  5. 8th EMCA workshop 2017
  6. Upgrade EMCA's website

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