This is to inform you that the call for the 3rd AIM COST TRAINING SCHOOL is now open! Deadline will be on August 15th! extended to September 9th!!

The training school "Finding, using and interpreting maps and models of invasive mosquitoes" will be divided into three sessions:

5th  October 1100-1315 CET Online. An introductory session will outline the training school objectives and practicalities, provide an overview of AIM-COST recommendations for surveillance and modelling best practice, and provide details of the way to use maps and models to communicate data and results to a range of stakeholders. The trainees will also be asked to arrange themselves into small regional teams ready to participate in the Face to Face day the following week.

Face to Face day Monday 10th October, the day before the start of the ESOVE  conference. Location: Sofia Hotel Balkan, SOFIA, Bulgaria. This face to face training day will consist of two parts - a series of lecture sessions in the morning designed to give trainees an overview of mapping and modelling methods, focusing on what can be done and what cannot be done with these techniques, and illustrating how model and map outputs can be best produced and interpreted. The afternoon sessions will concentrate on helping the participants evaluate the data about invasive mosquitos available at the continental scale and for their region, and starting the process of preparing presentations to be given online in November.

Presentation of Results. Online, on a date in November or December to be decided at the Face to Face day in Sofia. The trainee teams will present their evaluation and analysis of the information about invasive mosquitos available for their region, identifying any gaps, and specifying what additional information is needed to feed surveillance, control and policy decisions and describing how such information should be obtained. Each presentation will be followed by an open discussion and feedback on potential changes or improvements that could be made. 

The presentations will be evaluated, and  the team giving the presentation with the highest score will be asked to present their findings at the AIM-COST Annual Meeting in Rome at the end of January 2023.

Visit the AIM COST WEBSITE for further information!

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